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Franchise 100 helps million to grow via Business Partner service

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Franchise 100, India’s leading franchising services platform, has recently launched its latest initiative wherein the franchising platform allows individuals to become entrepreneurs by becoming a business partner to Franchise100. The franchising platform connects the dots between the franchises and the aspiring businessmen to help them with their entrepreneurial journey. Setting up a new business from scratch requires an extensive amount of branding efforts and involves a greater risk of business failure. Through Franchise 100’s franchising solutions, anyone will be able to start their business based on a proven idea and tested business model. The brand along with its products and services will already have a valuable market share making it easier for you to witness a noticeable business growth in a shorter period of time.

Centre for Monitoring the Indian Economy has reported that over 10 million or 1 crore people lost their jobs because of the second wave of coronavirus. At the same time, 97 per cent of Indian households' incomes have declined since the beginning of the pandemic last year. The increasing amount of job crunch has encouraged several youngsters to embrace entrepreneurship as a means of financial security and career growth. Franchise 100 nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit in such individuals by providing them with a lucrative business partnership. It allows them to use the established brand name and trademark of the franchisor without any sales pressure. Additionally, training, business support and sales lead are provided by the franchise100 to maximize your earning potential.

Franchise 100 also acts as a mediator between franchisee investors and the brands who are seeking to expand their businesses. From investor lead to backend support, the franchising platform takes care of everything to allow brands exceptional business expansion in a cost-effective way. Franchise 100 provides the brand with expansion solutions as per their growth strategy so that they can get a strong foothold in the marketplace. The company also offers comprehensive training for brands without any compulsion to participate in any expo.

Talking about the benefits of partnering with Franchise 100, Akash Shetty said, “We are looking forward to creating an ecosystem for every individual to achieve their aspiration to become entrepreneurs and at the same time helping retail brands across categories of business to expand through franchise investment. With us one can become their own leaders of today without any hassle and become a master in their own business world. ”

India is positioned to see exponential growth in terms of entrepreneurial ventures in the coming years. Young entrepreneurs are changing the face of business in India. According to a GallUp report, more than 60% of the Indian population possesses personality traits that are crucial for success as an entrepreneur. In this context, Franchise 100 envisions helping young entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential through franchising. They are looking for creating an environment wherein India's entrepreneurial potential meets its highest outcome. They have already provided 60+ franchises in 2021 to different brands and are seeking to continue their quality services. From starting your business to growing your business, Franchise 100 foresees to emerge as the one-stop solution for franchising services.



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